Emily’s Story

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Emily touched the lives of everyone who met her, including acquaintances, co-workers and the community at large. Emily was a friend to everyone; someone who refused to be easily categorized. Her gentle nature, loving spirit, quirky sense of humor, intellectual capacity and eagerness to learn made it clear that she was one of those special people you are privileged to meet once in a lifetime. Her signature laugh and mantra of Peace embodied the spirit of music and entertainment.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Emily’s passion for theatre, art, and music began in high school where she participated as an actress and designer, as well as in sound and light production and stage management. In 2005 her love of music and community was ignited when she attended her first Bonnaroo festival. Beginning as a volunteer in Decor, Hospitality and Artist Relations, she ultimately gained experience working in production and operations. She saw each event as the opportunity to build a community in both style and substance. She was the calm sea in a whirlwind of activity building venues. She thrived in the detailed work of creating a city from farmland or park space.

Drawn deeper into the industry, she built Well Dunn Entertainment on a foundation of experience and expertise, using her warm heart, strong body, and the support of friends and mentors. She participated in Rothbury, Wanderlust, All Points West, Hangout, All Good, Caribbean Holidaze, Jam Cruise, Mayan Holidaze, Outside Lands, Northcoast music festivals, as well as local music productions in St. Louis while attending Washington University.

Common to all these experiences was the opportunity to work with people who were willing to give a helping hand, to teach her new facets of the industry and share in her dream of loving where people come together to celebrate life and feel the rhythm of the music.