Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward with Well Dunn

Today we are launching a new fundraising campaign to celebrate Emily Dunn’s 30th birthday and to raise funds for the Well Dunn Intern program.
Take a moment to read about Emily and the number one reason all of us here at Well Dunn are so passionate about helping college students pursue their dreams of working in the music and entertainment business.

From Deborah – Emily’s mother:

I was very sad to day when I woke up. Today is Emily’s 30th birthday. When she was a little girl, I imagined Emily as a grown-up. I knew her as a college graduate and I knew her at 23. She was beautiful and happy, with her new life in San Francisco. But she was not yet a grown up. Being a grown up is hard to define. I wonder if she would have found the love of her life, maybe more than one. I wonder if she would have stayed in California or found that too limiting for her. I wonder if she would still wear her hair long always blowing in the wind. I know that she would be so happy for her sister and would love to be planning her wedding. I imagine there would be lots of purple and maybe some arguments over dress styles. I know that she would love Jon, his eyes, his deep laugh so similar to hers and the love of dance she shares. She would also love her niece Claire. Emily would be the aunt to take Claire out on adventures that would never be shared with her parents. I know that Emily would have lots of shoes and boots this year, because it seems she had a hand in the design this season.
Emily, I still have so many dreams for you. Each time we are successful in placing a candidate for a Well Dunn Intern, I think there is a chance that one of your dreams may be coming true.

All of my love to you today and every day. Mom

In honor of Emily, please Pay It Forward with Well Dunn and help us grow the Emily’s Scholarship fund to provide iconic internships to college students with financial need. A donation of $30 would be a wonderful way to celebrate Emily’s 30th birthday. We are grateful for any amount you are able to give.

If you are interested in sponsoring an intern, you can do so at a variety of levels starting at $1,000 to sponsor an intern for one month, $3,000 sponsors an intern for a summer and a donation in the amount of $4,000 would sponsor an intern for a spring or fall internship. Thank you for helping the Well Dunn Iconic Internship program by paying it forward!

You can make your donation at