Bonnaroo By Well Dunn

Bonnaroo is a special home to Well Dunn. It’s where Emily first stepped foot in the world of music and entertainment and where she made her mark. As we gear up for this years Bonnaroo we asked some of our past interns, board members and friends of Well Dunn to share their favorite Bonnaroo memories, tips and what not to miss this year!

Favorite Bonnaroo Memories

Creating the health & wellness program and watching it grow!- Laura Gentry, Board Member

Too many to fit into this space so I’ll pick year one when first-ever headliner Trey Anastasio hit the stage. I was standing with all the organizers and we looked out at the 70,000 and couldn’t believe what we had built. Was an incredible feeling.- Ken Weinstein, Board Member

I’ve had so many incredible memories at Bonnaroo it’s hard to pick just one! It’s hard to beat Paul McCartney. – James Shinault, Board Member

Seeing Odesza front row backstage in 2015 – Well Dunn Alumni

2013 Paul McCarthy – Best Show I’ve ever seen! – Well Dunn Alumni

Too hard to pick! But basically that feeling when you’ve seen this amazing festival come together! People are dancing and happy and singing at the top of their lungs! It’s that moment when you stop for a second and take in all the magic.- Liza Mclain,Well Dunn Alumni

Waching My Morning Jacket side stage was incredible! – Channing Morris, Board Member

So so many amazing memories for me at Bonnaroo…I booked managed and emceed the Sonic Stage for 12 years. Amos Lee played a solo set and dedicated my favorite song to me. While I have COUNTLESS highlights, including when the concessions team through me a surprise baby shower ON the Sonic Stage with a brass band from New Orleans playing and singing for me while 30 of us danced on stage, Amos is one of my favorites. – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

What I love most about being on The Farm

My favorite times are speaking to volunteers on site, at the picnic and those who visit our Well Dunn table within Bonnaroo Works. – Deborah Dunn, Board Member

Seeing the festival go from 0 to 60! We arrive on site Wednesday and it the calm before the storm. Thursday when the gates up its non-stop till Sunday night. We are up early and spend all day talking with potential interns and visiting with Alumni. Then the sun goes down, we pack up and head to the shows! – Channing Morris, Board Member

I love to meet past interns who are now full-time professionals in the industry; it vindicates that the Well Dunn program is really making a difference in young people’s lives. – Chris Dunn, Board Member

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I get most excited right when the tollbooths open for the first cars. It’s just a great moment for us on the other side of the fence. – James Shinault, Board Member

U2!!!! – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

Veteran Tips

Drink water and eat food. You can do it all but take care of yourself first. – Laura Gentry, Board Member

Listen to the Code, drink plenty of water, and try not to overthink it. – James Shinault, Board Member

Be open to as much new music as you can. I’ve discovered some of my favorites at Bonnaroo – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

Hydrate and radiate positivity!!!Liza Mclain,Well Dunn Alumni

Bring plenty of water, lots of sun screen, external batteries, walkie talkies, toilet paper, and soap and water to wash with. – Well Dunn Alumni

Bring lots of sunblock and stay hydrated! – Ken Weinstein, Board Member

You can sleep when you’re dead! – Well Dunn Alumni

Water, personal fan and a camera! Take it all in, see as many shows as you can but don’t worry about missing one cause its hard to see them all. – Channing Morris, Board Member

Best Part of Being with Well Dunn on site

Besides the VIP status?! Being at the Farm is a constant reminder of the incredible impact Emily had not only on the individual you meet but on the festival as a whole. Every year you meet someone who knew her or are shown something she created. Then you meet a past intern and hear their story and see how her legacy has now created a viable career path for them in this crazy industry! – Channing Morris, Board Member

Finding the excitement in the volunteer’s eyes when they hear they too could be in the music business just like Emily – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

The enthusiasm of the volunteers we talk to reinforces that Well Dunn can make a difference; create an opportunity; give someone the resources to do something they otherwise would not be able to do on their own.  I know that Emily is smiling and feeling good that so many young adults have been given the opportunity to explore their passions in the music industry. – Chris Dunn, Board Member

So proud to be part of Well Dunn always. Love helping young people realize their dreams. – Ken Weinstein, Board Member

I am always grateful for our hardworking board members and volunteers.  I know Emily is honored that so many young people are getting opportunities in her memory.  She continues to laugh and dance with us. – Deborah Dunn, Board Member

What Makes Bonnaroo So Special

The all-accepting and happy people who attend, coupled with the amazing music all in one place. – Well Dunn Alumni

Bonnaroo is special because it’s a place with no expectation of being anyone besides yourself. It’s a community driven festival and Bonnaroo is accepting of all humans, no matter the color or creed. It’s nice to have that type of space here in the states! – Laura Gentry, Board Member

There is no vibe like the Bonnanroo vibe. People are so loving and open and family oriented there. Everyone’s there to help the other have the best time in their lives. And it works every time. Every year when I come back, people ask me how was Bonnaroo. I say, well I mean, it’s on the money awesome every year! Never changes. Always incredible and special. – Ken Weinstein, Board Member

There’s something magical about the farm, the vibe, the sunsets, the musical diversity…it’s just a spiritual institution in my life. – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

I love Bonnaroo because of the people. Being a Bonnaroovian means something to everyone in their own special way. You’ll never find a stronger sense of community anywhere- James Shinault, Board Member

The Farm vibe is what makes it special. I like that the camping isn’t too far to the festival and there’s definitely a vibe of the community. – Well Dunn Alumni

Favorite Food Vendors

Spicy Pie – Everyone!

Amish Doughnuts! – Laura Gentry, Board Member

Hamageddon aka Baconland – Channing Morris, Board Member

Ice coffee at the Grind – Annabel Lukins, Well Dunn Board Member

The bacon guy and the Amish donuts – Ken Weinstein, Board Member