Joy Antwi WD Intern Hired Full Time at Big Hassle

Excited to share another success story from a Joy Antwi a 2016 Well Dunn Intern.

Graduating from undergrad and doing something that you love doesn’t happen to many, but I lucked out. I spent years trying to explore different avenues that would allow me to continuously grow. Listening to music, discovering new artists and enjoying music & arts festivals became my passion; I spent time searching for a pre-existing niche that my skills could thrive in and my passions could come into use.  I was seeking a way to help cultivate, and facilitate artistic connections and communication to the masses.

After another beautiful Bonnaroo I learned about some of the pieces that go into the yearly celebration and came across the Well Dunn Organization. I loved the organization’s mission and driving force for its creation, Emily Dunn. I was over eager to get involved, and wrote an essay, that could have easily turned into a novel. Once I submitted my application I prayed that this all would become real, and it did.

I got in connection with Deborah Dunn who found me to be a plausible great fit at Big Hassle Media. I moved to New York in May, and didn’t only fall in love with the city but Big Hassle and my teammates. May quickly turned into August and before for I knew it my internship was over. The possibility of having me on the team arose and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I am now a happy Hassler!

Congrats Joy!! We can’t wait to see where this new path takes you!